Bow Hunting in South Africa

A lot of patience, some good blinds and a little bit of luck is the key to your bow hunting success in SA.

A good compound bow and heavy arrows are recommended for hunting in South Africa. Fixed blades (3 or 4 blades) will be adequate to ensure a good hunt. Mechanical tips for bow and arrow hunting are not recommended.

In the process, it is important that the hunter (you) make the decision on the shot. Your Professional Hunting Guide (Gaspare Spanio) will not urge you to take a near impossible shot. My rule of thumb is if I can make the shot, you can. However, if you are not comfortable with the shot, you can decide not to take it. Together, we will then search for another opportunity. I apply this rule to both rifle and bow hunting. Our aim is to provide you with a real experience and the adventure of it. Where it comes to African hunting, we are not chasing miracle shots.

Bow Hunting

African Bow Hunting Methods

With the bow you hunt from permanent fixtures such as blinds or tree stands overlooking waterholes and salt licks. This method is an accepted way in South Africa and provides the most successful results. If you are more adventurous, we will allow you to also walk and stalk hunt with the bow. The success rate on this type of bow hunting is however fairly low but extremely gratifying when pulled off successfully.

Bow Shooting Test

Gaspare Spanio Safaris have our own shooting range where you can inspect and test your bow for accuracy. There are 3D animals on different distances, so you can even train your shot so you are prepared. Well working equipment is an important part of your African hunting success, therefore we take time to assist you where needed. We are also bow hunters.

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