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Hunting Gear

The enjoyment of your hunting South Africa trip is our first priority. Hence hunting gear is of utmost importance. Therefore, make sure that you are fully equipped for this once in a lifetime experience.

Hunting Gear: What you need to pack and bring with for your hunting South Africa trip.

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Hunting South Africa

  • Passport, including 2 (two) copies of passport.
  • Rifle license in country of origin, including 2 (two) copies of license.
  • Completed SAP520 for rifle import / export in South Africa – refer to ‘Imports Requirements’ page for details or download form here.
  • Letter of Invitation from Gaspare Spanio Safaris – 2 (two) copies.
  • Flight Itinerary – 2 (two) copies.
  • Rifle, ammunition and cleaning accessories.
  • Bow and bow accessories – rangefinder recommended.
  • Hunting bag or back pack.
  • Spare cash for extra animal hunting, curios, tips and gratuities.
  • 3 sets of comfortable hunting clothes in camo or darkish colour. We provide laundry services on a daily basis.

Very Important:

  • Do not opt for light colours such as Khaki.
  • Do not opt for clothing that could make a noise when moving around.
  • A warm jacket as mornings and evenings can be cold.
  • A sweater.
  • A pair of hunting boots (ankle high and already worn in).
  • A hat in camo or a darkish colour.
  • Sunscreen / sun protection lotion in a relative high factor to prevent sunburn.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Good binoculars and / or rangefinder.
  • Small flashlight.
  • A hunting or pocket knife.
  • Digital and / or video cameras.
  • Casual clothing for travel and wear before and after hunting.
  • Comfortable footwear for in and around the lodge.
  • Personal items such as medicine, shaving kits, etc.

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Gaspare Spanio Safaris Rates

Check out our rates by downloading the Rates Card.

Should you require more information about our rates or services, please contact Gaspare Spanio at +27 82 871 5007, or Eleen on +27 72 405 0588. In addition, you can also complete the online contact form.

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